Emergency Preparedness

The health of a community depends in part on its resilience in the face of emergencies that can have widespread health consequences. Factors like eating right, exercising, and access to high quality health care are essential, but in the face of a community disaster, like a flood, blizzard, long-term power outage, or infectious disease pandemic, additional supports are needed to ensure sustainable community health. The Emergency Prepaidrness Work group knows that awareness of risks, community-level strategic planning, and personal preparedness are key to being safe at home, and safe across our community, so together we can weather any kind of storm.

Our Goals

Provide opportunities for real life trainings and preparedness exercises for our regional partners.

Develop a regional strategy to promote personal preparedness.

Promote personal and family preparedness for those living in poverty.

Our Current Projects

COVID-19 Vaccination Roll-out

Since December 2020 the Greater Monadnock Public Health Network has partnered with other member organization to provide over 74,000 COVID-19 vaccines in the Monadnock Region. COVID-19 vaccination efforts in this region have been successful in large part due to members of the NH National Guard and the over 400 volunteers from the Medical Reserve Corp who stepped forward to support our community. In addition to community volunteers, our regional response was supported in large part by Cheshire Medical Center, Keene State College and Monadnock Community Hospital who provided a wide array of supports from marketing to space to personnel time.

CPR Training

Every year, throughout the Monadnock region, we are training our community members to save a life. Through scheduled trainings as well as public “just-in-time” trainings, residents in the region are provided with information on how to determine scene safety, call 911, locate an AED, and effectively administer chest compressions to help someone who is experiencing cardiac arrest.

Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE)

BRACE is dedicated to helping individuals in the Monadnock region prepare for natural disasters. Our trainings review the natural disasters that are prevalent in our region; from flooding, to snow and ice storms, to hurricanes, and helps participants develop a plan. After this training, each participant will know how to make a disaster plan, have a plan on how they would contact others during an emergency, and will receive a starter Disaster Kit with instructions on how to personalize their kit to be more prepared to shelter in place or evacuate.

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