Protective & Risk Factors

Substance abuse or misuse can derail a young person’s life just as they’re getting started. Healthy environments that offer strong protective factors, such as reliable support from parents or guardians, positive relationships with peers, and financial stability can greatly decrease the likelihood of substance misuse among youth. As an Alliance we are working to increase these protective factors throughout our region and minimize the risk of area youth using or abusing substances.

Our Goals

Increase regional youth access to protective factors

Decrease regional youth exposure to risk factors

Continue to shift cultural norms around substance use in the region through education, awareness, environmental changes, and policy

Our Current Projects

Monadnock Rising

Monadnock Rising is a youth-focused substance use prevention program that focuses on two key underlying factors of youth substance use and abuse—risk factors and protective factors. Monadnock Rising provides insight, perspective and resources to young people allowing them the opportunity to make healthier choices in their everyday experiences. The goal of Monadnock Rising is to create a fundamental shift in the way we think about prevention, and focus on the factors that allow youth to seek solace in substances. Through this shift, we will be better equipped to help youth make healthier choices and prevent future generations from succumbing to substance use and abuse.

Getting to Y

GETTING TO ‘Y’ offered through UP for Learning; an organization dedicated to engaging youth in education, is a program giving students the opportunity to bring meaning to their own Youth Risk Behavior Survey data. Through youth leadership, partnerships with adults, action research and peer and community engagement, participants not only experience personal growth and build their capacity for future civic engagement, but they also effect sustainable change in youth behavior, community and school culture. Coming soon to a school near you!

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