Measuring Our Impact

For the past 13 years, the Healthy Monadnock Alliance (HMA) has been working within our community to implement complex health improvement solutions. In order to understand if our work is making a difference, we need to collect, analyze, and communicate region-wide data over time—the tangible results of our health and wellness vision.

As an Alliance, we know trustworthiness and transparency are key components of community improvement and integral to building strong partnerships. This is why we publish our impact; both our successes and the areas where we need to improve.

The five priority areas listed below were identified as community needs in our Community Healthy Improvement Plan (CHIP), and are the focus of the Alliance. Scroll over each graph of community wellness metrics to see how our work is making an impact in the Monadnock region.

Behavioral Health

The HMA is working on a wide variety of behavioral health resources. Measuring “frequent mental health distress” indicates if these resources are helping to reduce distress in the region.

Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared for an emergency is essential. The HMA has been working throughout our community to help residents create a personal emergency kit, and a plan of action in case of a natural disaster.

Food Access & Physical Activity

We know eating well and engaging in regular physical activity makes us feel good. This is why we measure the impact of food access & physical activity through self-reported perception of health. See what our friends and neighbors have to say about their health.

Healthcare Access

Measuring the number of adults in the Monadnock region who have health care allows the HMA to evaluate gaps in services and address barriers to getting coverage.

Risk Factors & Protective Factors

There are many factors that can influence substance misuse in youth. Feelings of disconnection, sadness, and hopelessness are some of these key factors; and are the areas where the HMA is working hard to improve for our area youth.